How to Plan a Happy Barkday Party for Your Dog

Throwing a Happy Barkday party for your dog is a great way to celebrate your pet’s special day with your family and friends. 

If you are wondering how to get started planning your Barkday Celebration, you’ve come to the right Party Blog, because here at Properly Posh Pets, we have years of experience giving parties for pets. 

Beckham is my adorable Westie, who recently celebrated his 2nd birthday.  Today, we are sharing several of our fun ideas with you so you can plan a pawsome Happy Barkday party for your dog.

Let the pawty planning begin!


For the ultimate Barkday Party, you will need:

  • Happy Barkday Banner,
  • PupCake with Candles & Cake Toppers,
  • Cocktails,
  • Pawty Favor Bags,
  • Party Hats,
  • and the Barkday Pup!

You know you are going to want to take lots of pictures to share on social media and to keep so that you have fun memories of your Pup’s special celebration.

If you are able to invite your Pup’s friends – both PupFriends and PeopleFriends – you will probably want to also plan some fun games and activities as well as a party menu.  If you decide this year to keep your pawty planning focused on a family party, your planning may be simpler – but your Pup still deserves an extra special celebration, so make sure you have all of these essential elements.

With all of the time you have been spending with your Pup, it’s more important than ever to acknowledge how important your 4-legged family members are to you.  Your dog deserves the best, so bring on the PupCakes and cocktails!




Every party has to have a cake, and Beckham has perfected the ultimate Barkday Party PupCake with peanut butter and honey.  He also recommends adding a dog-friendly frosting with cream cheese and bananas for pups who have a super-sweet tooth.

Decorate your PupCake with a bone candle and bone-shaped cake toppers – color coordinated with a very special custom Happy Barkday Banner.



Everybody loves taking home a “doggie bag” from a pawty so Beckham always makes extra PupCakes in a mini bone size so his PupGuests have a special treat at home to help them remember how much fun they had.  Beckham and I love designing the pawty gift bags for our PeopleGuests and PupGuests, so we have lots of fun ideas to share with you especially when you have a themed party, like the parties featured in Posh Celebrationsour pet party guidebook.

You can find several sizes of bone pans online including at Amazon to help you make a big cake, a layer cake, and mini-cakes.  Tie your mini PupCakes in a small plastic bag or a piece of cellophane and tie with a ribbon.  We suggest you plan on at least 2 mini PupCakes per PupGuest.   For a special treat, include a small bag of your Pup’s favorite treats.



Classic cocktails are another key element of throwing a fabulous party, so Beckham and I always put a lot of thought into matching the cocktail to the theme of the party.  For a birthday celebration, champagne or sparkling wine is always the best, so we decided to serve Make A Wish Sparklers and Blue Champagne Cocktails.

Here is the recipe for our Posh Blue Champagne Cocktail:

Fill a champagne flute with Champagne about three quarters full.  Add 1 ounce of Blue Curacao.  Garnish with a lemon twist.

My favorite sparkling wine is prosecco, so I always use that for my Champagne cocktails.




Party preparation is fun, but we’ve had enough! Let’s get this pawty started and Unleash the Pawty Animals!  Beckham decided to store his party balloons in his dog pen to make sure that his PupGuests could enjoy them safely.



Please don’t make me wear the party hat! But Beckham, you look so cute in the party hat – and you are the guest of honor.

At Properly Posh Pets, we designed a special dog bandana that reads, “Please don’t make me wear the party hat,” just in case your pet really does hate the hat but agrees that party hats are an essential ingredient of any pet party and party photos.

If you need a complete roadmap for planning a pawsome party, you may want to check out our award-winning party guidebook, Posh Celebrations, with over 90 pages of recipes, cocktails, decorations, and gift ideas for several themed parties.   Posh Celebrations is available at Amazon and on our website at, where you will find lots of Barkday & Meowday party supplies and party fashion.




Great fun was had by the PeopleGuests and the PupGuests – and by my amazing and adorable Barkday Boy. 

Because any party that involves dogs is THE BEST kind of party.

Properly Posh Pets has designed our Barkday Collection party kits to help you get started planning your next party for your dog.  You can find our fun, unique party kits on our website at or in our Etsy Shop.

Lots of wonderful memories of good times with friends, pawsome PupCakes, and fabulous cocktails to celebrate my Dog Star’s special day.

Beckham was tired, but happy that all of his PupGuests and PeopleGuests had enjoyed his pawty.  And he admitted it was really pawsome to be the center of attention and get lots of presents!