Celebrate Dog Moms on Mother’s Day with Pawsome Gifts!

94% of Americans consider pets to be part of their families – so there are lots of Pet Moms out there! Mother’s Day is a perfect time to celebrate all of the Dog Moms and their love for their treasured fur pups.

I’ve been a Dog Mom my entire adult life, and since I lived with a dog during childhood, I guess I’ve been a Dog Sister also! My first Westie, Brandy, became my best friend the month after I graduated from college. Beckham joined the family a year ago and is working hard to prove that he has more “Westietude” than his three predecessors – he loves being in control! His feline siblings, Ali & Z, are not impressed but tolerant of his antics, knowing that he will soon figure out who runs the house.









My furry family over many years has taught me how to celebrate life with love and laughter – and they have also helped me learn how to throw fun and memorable parties with amazing gift bags, distinctive Classic Cocktails, and delicious food – all leading to the formation of our pet party company, Properly Posh Pets®. We love Dogs & Cats & Parties – and we want to help all Dog Moms who love dogs and parties with ideas about how to throw fabulous parties.



Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days all year for restaurants but why not surprise your friends by throwing a Dog Mom party to celebrate all of the Dog Mom’s you know and invite them to bring along their fur pups! Fans of Properly Posh Pets and our award-winning party guidebook, Posh Celebrations, know that for every themed party we plan, there is a special gift bag for each party guest to take home so that they can relive their fun memories of the party. We think that a fabulous gift bag for your guests is the key ingredient for making this Dog Mom party a huge success.

If instead of a party, you have a special friend who is a Dog Mom, and you want to help her celebrate this special day, then here is an idea for a special gift for her.




Let’s start designing your Dog Mom gift bag!


Start with a copy of our award-winning party guidebook, Posh Celebrations, which is a complete guide to a year of parties planned to celebrate pet birthdays and adoptions with themes ranging from the beach and a vineyard to Valentine’s Day and Halloween. Your Dog Mom guests and their dogs will have such fun all year planning parties together – to honor, of course, the most fun member of the family. Posh Celebrations is available on Amazon (with Prime delivery), and at www.properlyposhpets.com, and it includes 92 pages of recipes, cocktails, decorations, gift bag ideas, and whimsical original sketches of adorable dogs.



You can’t throw a Properly Posh Pets party without a signature Classic Cocktail. Dog Mom’s Chambord Sparkler is the perfect drink to get the party started.

Dog Mom’s Chambord Sparkler 

1 ½ oz. Chambord liqueur

4 oz. champagne

Pour Chambord into a champagne flute and fill with champagne.







In the Dog Mom gift bag, you can include the ingredients for the drink so each Dog Mom guest and her pup can enjoy this special drink again at home. You can find Chambord miniatures at your local liquor store, and mini bottles of champagne at your supermarket. For a special touch, include a special champagne flute glass, and hand write the recipe on a good quality colored cardstock index card tied with a ribbon to the flute as a keepsake.




Every Dog Mom I know is bursting with pride about her dog – my dog is so cool, and I love him so much, and I want everyone to know just about pawsome he is – which is why I take him everywhere with me and talk about him all the time and post pictures on social media – and maybe even why I have a company called Properly Posh Pets. Include a Dog Mom cap (available at Amazon) in your gift bag so she can tell the whole world just how proud she is about being part of the overwhelming majority of Americans who have family members who are dogs. She’ll be all set for the long summer dog walks at the beach.



Your Dog Mom’s puppy needs some special accessories also, so what better than a cute bandana that says “Best Dog Ever” – from the “Best Mom Ever” – which, of course is how her dog feels about her. And a cute bow for fancy trips around town, assuming she has a dog who loves fashion accessories. You can find the pictured bandanas, bows, and bow ties at our website, www.properlyposhpets.com.





Dog Moms are often very sentimental about their 4-legged buddies, so a picture frame is a perfect addition to your gift bag. She’ll pick out a special picture of the two of them – maybe from a time when the dog joined the family. You can find cute pet frames at a variety of stores, including your local pet store. Beckham, my Westie, was 10-weeks old in this picture, and a new arrival to our family, but I think my heart was exploding with happiness holding my tiny little treasure.

And, of course, she thinks of her dog as her MVP – Most Valuable Pup – and her dog thinks of her as his MVM – Most Valuable Mom. One thing is certain with Dog Moms — the love between her and her dog is reciprocated full measure.

It’s so true that good friends are hard to find. Even if a Dog Mom thinks of her dog as her “favorite child”, I am guessing she also sees him as her best friend, so include this darling little book called “Good Friends are Hard to Find” filled with cute pictures of dog and cats with whimsical quotes, available at Amazon. She’ll love reading this book while snuggled up on the couch with her dog and her Dog Mom Chambord Sparkler!




I would guess that many of your Dog Mom friends have a dog who loves cookies and pet treats – can you imagine any dog who wouldn’t want the job of Cookie Taster in the house? A perfect addition to your gift bag is a set of cookie and pet treat cutters from Properly Posh Pets, which comes with a special recipe for Posh’s Party Cookies, a gourmet people treat, and Beckham’s Bacon Burger Bites, a gourmet dog treat. For Mother’s Day, the heart and mini-heart cutters along with the dog cutter are perfect — Dog Mom and Dog can spend the afternoon together making special treats to share and enjoy.




We’ve finished assembling the gift bag by adding a special package of Properly Posh Pets custom cocktail napkins, with two beach chairs – one for Dog and one for Dog Mom – and some good advice for the next beach walk: Write your secrets in the sand and trust them with your dog. Isn’t that one of the best things about your dog? You can pretty much tell them anything and you know they won’t laugh or make fun of you – and most importantly, they will listen – no matter how long you talk especially if you have enjoyed multiple Dog Mom Chambord Sparklers!


Find a colorful purple gift bag and coordinating grosgrain ribbon in purple and blue and fill it with these gifts that you’ve assembled.











Your Dog Mom friends will think you are exceedingly clever, but more importantly, they will realize that you understand just how important their special furry family members are to them. There is a special bond between a Dog Mom and her Dog – and there is a special bond between Dog Moms who understand that their Dogs are central to their happiness.