6 Reasons to Give Your Dog a Party

Someone once asked me why would I plan a party for my dog, saying that pets don’t understand that a party is being given for them.  Tell that to my dog who LOVES being the center of attention at every party where he is the star – and even the parties where he is just a Pup Guest. Fortunately, there are lots of Pet Parents who love parties and love their dogs.  Properly Posh Pets is here to help busy pet parents treat themselves and their dogs to the fun they deserve.

Ice Cream — The Perfect Summer Treat for Pups & People

National Ice Cream Day is July 19th, but here at Properly Posh Pets, we don’t need a special holiday to celebrate ice cream – a perfect addition to any kind of party. My dog and I are planning a Baseball Barkday Party, and we have decided to build the theme of our party around his favorite treat – ice cream. I never pass up a chance to be with my dog – especially when we are doing the things we both love. Eating ice cream – and watching baseball.

Beach Barkday Party with your Pup: 6 Beach Cocktails and 6 Beach Dog Toys

Partying is what we do best here at Properly Posh Pets.  We never need a reason to party, but it doesn’t hurt to have one and what better reason is there then to celebrate summer & the beach & your dog – and combining all three to create good times and special memories – and FUN! Grab some friends and head to the beach with your pups – and all the ingredients for some killer beach cocktails.

Summer is Here — Let’s Plan a Salty Dog Party!

My dog and I invite you to come sail with us to the perfect summer party to celebrate vacations, the ocean, sandcastles, and beach cocktails!  Here at Properly Posh Pets, we are planning our annual Salty Dog Party. There is nothing more fun than inviting your friends and their pups into your life for a celebration – for a special pup birthday party or just because summer is finally here, the sun is out, and the ocean nearby is sparkling with beautiful boats.

A Kitten Adoption Party — It’s A Royal Celebration!

A “Welcome to the Family” Party is one of the most special parties you will ever plan when that wonderful time comes to celebrate the addition of four paws and fur to your home.  It should be a party to remember with memories to treasure forever. When I welcomed my two kittens, Ali and Z, to my world, I did so with a fabulous adoption party, and I have celebrated every anniversary of that party. This year, the theme of the party is “A Royal Celebration” complete with a Kitten Wish List, a Prosecco Bar, and Meowgical CatCakes. 

Backyard BBQ Party with the Neighborhood Dogs

Properly Posh Pets authored a fun party blog on The Dog Files about how to plan a Backyard BBQ with the neighborhood dogs. Check it out to find recipes for a Summer Cocktail and Bacon Burger Bites, a gourmet dog treat, and lots of great ideas for gifts to include in your Puppy Swag Bag. You will find some simple tips for enjoying an amazing day with your people and pup companions -- and reasons to make plans for an endless summer of Backyard BBQs!

20 Perfect Gifts for People Who Love Dogs & Wine

Dogs and Wine and the Weekend – that’s all we need for a special wine-themed party with a few friends and their pups.  Partying is what we do best here at Properly Posh Pets, and we want to share our specially curated list of the best gifts we found for your friends who love dogs and wine and parties.

Dogs Are Always Ready to Have Fun — So Let’s Plan a Dog Party!

Why do we love parties?  We believe that when the world seems stressful or dull, the perfect antidote is a proper party – and the BEST kind of party is one with dogs!  After all, what’s better than combining a little wrapping paper, ribbon, cocktails, and puppies? Here at Properly Posh Pets, we help pet people connect, have fun, and be happy while spending time with their best friends – the ones with 4 paws and fur!

Celebrate “Best Friends Day” with Your Dog & Cat

Did you know that June 8th is Best Friends Day?  My best friends have four paws and fur, and if you are reading this blog, your best friends also probably have four paws and fur. Dogs have a way of turning an ordinary and routine day into a day that is extraordinary and fun.  So, let’s plan a party and hang out with our Best Friends!