A Party for Dog Moms: Barkuterie Boards and Mimosa Flights

My Westie, Beckham, and I decided we feel like throwing a party for all the amazing Dog Moms we know. Barkuterie Boards and Mimosa Flights are on the menu, and we are sharing our ideas and recipes for both along with the traditional charcuterie board. Making memories with my friends - one dog party at a time!

How to Pick the Perfect Birthday Present for Your Dog

This Party Blog has my advice for picking the perfect presents for your dog -- for birthdays, Gotcha Days, or just for Ordinary Days when you think your pup deserves a present. Toys and Treats, of course, but the "Experience Gift" is all the rage right now for humans so why not tap into that trend for your pup's birthday? Creating priceless memories with your pup is the best gift for your dog and for you.

How to Design a “Peeps” Easter Basket for Your Dog

What fun to relive a bit of your childhood with your pup by creating an Easter Basket designed to delight a dog with Peeps treats and toys! Invite your friends and their dogs to join you at a party to welcome spring and the anticipation of dog-walking weather. Recipe for a "Peeps" Pup Treat and variations on the classic Gin and Tonic Cocktail and lots of ideas for cute Peeps dog toys and pet accessories.

5 Ways to Goof Off with Your Dog

Never doubt the fun you can have while spending precious time goofing off with your dog. My pup, Beckham, and I compiled a list of our favorite activities, because we are planning ahead to take a day off. Eating, drinking, shopping, playing, and snuggling!

5 Ways to Goof Off with Your Cat

Never doubt the fun you can have while spending precious time goofing off with your cat. Eat, drink, shop, play, and snuggle! My cats and I compiled a list of our favorite activities, because we are planning to take a day off together!

Be My Valentine – Celebrating Puppy Love with a Pet Party!

I love hearts and chocolate and champagne, so it is no surprise that I love celebrating Valentine’s Day. But most of all I love my dog and cats. This is a holiday that is always celebrated in our house, which is full of puppy love and kitten love every day of the year. All you need is love – and a Properly Posh party to entertain your friends and their pups with lavish refreshments and memorable Puppy Swag Bags. I love to spoil my pets, and I love to spoil my friends, so this party is a perfect excuse to do both. We’ll serve dog-friendly Carob Peanut Butter Cups for the Pups and Kir Royales for the Pup Parents!

A Puppy Bowl Party is the Main Event of our Super Bowl Sunday

Are you ready for some football? How about some Puppy Football? Then join us in planning a party for the 18th annual Puppy Bowl on February 13th to watch Team Fluff and Team Ruff in a fierce competition for the “Lombarky Trophy”! We share ideas for Pup Treats, Pup Parent cocktails, and a Puppy Bowl Swag Bag. You won’t want to miss the Kitty Half-Time show with more irresistible cuteness. Puppies playing football & kittens cheering and dancing – what better way is there to start off a new year full of parties with your friends and their pups.

Looking Forward to a Year Full of Dogs and Cats and Champagne

My Westie and I are planning to start a new tradition -- a party to celebrate our resolutions for next year. I asked him for his proposed list: More Walks, More Treats, More Hugs, and More Naps. I would add: More Parties with My Dog and More Champagne Cocktails with My Friends! We will look forward to 2022 and plan a year of new adventures and celebrations. The fun never ends when you are spending time with the ones you love.

How to Plan a Pet Cookie Swap for the Holidays

Is one of your holiday traditions a cookie swap party? We have an idea for a fun twist that involves your pets -- a Pet Cookie Swap Party! Beckham and I will show you how to plan a festive Pet Cookie Swap Party with pet treats and a big pot of mulled wine for the Pet Parents. The holidays are a magical time full of baking and gift-giving and socializing with family and friends. Making magical memories with my pets -- one pet cookie at a time.