Bacon Snacks for Pups & Pup Parents

Everything tastes better with friendship and bacon. Recipes for Bacon Cheese Pupburger and Cheddar Bacon Burger Dog Treats for pups! Candied Bacon for Pup Parents! The most adorable dog toy imaginable -- a package of bacon! Dog Bacon safety tips! This Party Blog has it all. Food always tastes better when you are sharing it with friends. Especially friends who LOVE to eat -- like your dog! Making bacon-flavored memories with your dog.

3 Perfect Dog Dad Gifts

Dog Dads are the luckiest Dads in the world. Dog Dads should be showered with unexpected, perfect gifts that are full of fun and full of love. Here are ideas for 3 pawsome Dog Dad gifts. They are dog-themed and cocktail-themed, of course, and we've shared some recipes for our favorite variations on Mojitos, which is our cocktail of choice for a Dog Dad Party.

A Dog Dad Party with Bacon Burgers & Mojitos

Dog Dads are special - no doubt about it. We've planned a BBQ party for the Dog Dads we know complete with bacon cheeseburgers and bacon-themed mojitos. And a recipe for Bacon Bits Gourmet Dog Treats, of course! A shout out to every Dog Dad out there - we think you should be celebrated every day of the year!