Z, the Posh Prince

Z’s Terrific Tips

“You can create a “Russian”
using vodka, gin, and Creme
de Cacao; a “Black Russian”
with vodka and coffee-flavored
liqueur; and a “Russian Bear”
by mixing vodka, Creme de
Cacao, cream, and sugar!”

“Consider inviting your vet in
to the next party where your
pet is the Pet of Honor in honor
of their important role in your
pets’ lives.”

“A “growler” is a container used
for the transport of draft beer –
not my sister Ali when she’s
having a bad day!”

“Pick party songs with titles that
reflect your party theme. Posh asked
me to remind everyone not to forget
the dance music that he loves!”

“If your Cat of Honor resists wearing
his cute party attire, promise him a
shrimp or other special treat!”

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