Realtors — Are you overlooking this critical factor in finding your clients the perfect home? Their Pets

A new study by Bigeye revealed how pet parenting is reshaping the landscape for consumer goods and retail.  According to the study, 95% of pet parents consider pets members of their families, and the whole family needs to be considered when picking a home.


67% of US households have pets, so chances are very good that the majority of your clients have pets.  When you help your clients celebrate the connection they have with their pets, you open a valuable door for your business.



As a realtor, when you are showing properties or setting up your client’s property as the ideal home for potential buyers, have you thought about the issue of pets and how important they are in people’s lives today?

Did you know that nearly 90% of households with pets say their animals play a role in their home buying decisions, according to the National Association of Realtors?

You will become more relatable to your clients, and you will very quickly find a way to your clients’ hearts by acknowledging the importance of their pets in their lives.

How can you do that?  Here are 3 ideas to try:

  • Ask clients about their pets and their needs when you are asking them about their ideal home, e.g., do they need a fenced-in yard?  
  • Make sure to consider and be clear about ways their pets can stay safe at the property you are showing them and how their pets might impact the home. Do they want the house to have hardwood floors? They are easier to clean if the family has pets, but might cause walking problems for some older dogs.
  • Once your client finds the perfect home, help them include their pets in the closing celebrations and the move-in process.



Pets really are an extremely important factor in the home buying process, and as such, they should be included in closing celebrations, don’t you think?

Properly Posh Pets has what you need to give the fun, celebratory and whimsical closing gift your clients AND their pets deserve.  NO client will forget about the time their real estate agent gave them champagne and pupcakes as a closing gift.



Properly Posh Pets creates incredibly fun party kits for both pet owners and their pets and our Salty Dog Kit complete with custom pet bandanas is the perfect gift for your clients.  This closing gift will encompass the WHOLE family, inspire a real connection with your clients – and it gets in on a fun new trend of pet parties and celebrating our furry family members.

Check out our unique Salty Dog Party kits – your clients will not throw this in a junk drawer!



If your clients’ pets love you, you may just have a client for life.  Plus as they share their party with their friends and family, it’s a great talking point and referral generator for you.

Properly Posh Pets helps businesses like yours bring their communities together – because everyone loves a good party, especially the neighborhood dogs.