The Secret to Picking the Perfect Gifts for Your Cat

My dog and I wrote a blog a few weeks ago on how to pick the perfect birthday present for your dog, sharing ideas from his 4th birthday party.  We have two amazing cats in our “pack of 4,” and they recently celebrated their 8th birthday. 

After 8 years of birthday parties for Ali and Z, I have become an expert on the perfect presents for them.  I am sharing my secrets with you so you can also gift your cats with their heart’s desire for their special days – birthdays, gotcha days, and just plain ordinary days that call for a gift for your special feline buddy.


Here is our best secret:  Cats like the wrapping on the present better than the present inside. Gift boxes, ribbon, gift bags, and tissue paper – that’s the trick to hours of fun for your cat.

Ali and Z had a fabulous party for their 8th birthday celebration, and I had fantastic fun prepping for the party.  Wrapping presents, baking our special Meowvelous Salmon Treats, and enjoying a glass of pink sparkling wine.  Here are ideas for all!

Finding the Purrfect Wrapping for Your Cat’s Birthday Gift

The three key elements to the purrfect wrapping for your cat’s present are:

  • Gift Bags and Gift Boxes 

And the award for favorite cat present goes to the empty gift box! Yes, your cat will love it if you give him a big or little gift box filled with nothing.

Will an empty gift bag suit your cat just as well?  Of course – the point is for your cat to do something incredibly cute to get your attention by crawling into the gift bag.

If you have found the perfect toy for your cat, then you should definitely put it in a gift box or bag and present it to him with a flourish and a smile, but don’t be surprised if the toy is ignored and the gift box becomes the main attraction.

  • Ribbon 

Curling ribbon is the best type to buy for creating cute ribbon bunches for your cats to play with or use the pre-made ribbon bunches that can be found in the gift wrap section of your craft or Hallmark store.  It really doesn’t take fancy toys to amuse a cat – just creativity and a sense of fun.

  • Colored Tissue Paper 

Ali always gets one present in her gift bag for birthdays – 2 packages of colored tissue paper in pink and purple.  Crumple several sheets into balls and toss them to your cat. It still amazes me that she can enjoy endless fun batting them around on the floor.

What to Buy if Your Cat Insists on a “Real Present”: The Wand Toy! 

Yes, there are toys that my cats enjoy, including wands and catnip toys, so I always cover my bases on their birthday with new versions of these favorites.

It wouldn’t be a party fit for feline royalty (and Ali is definitely a princess) without some new wand toys.  I have tried repeatedly to get my cats toys that move and shake on their own so that they can provide their own entertainment.  It never works as I have two cats who insist on interactive play – so wand toys it is! 

Matching Your Gifts to Your Cat’s Personality: Catnip, please 

The best advice I can give you for getting the perfect “real present” for your cat is to cater to her preferences.  Some cats love laser toys, while some love to race and run through crinkly tunnels.  Others like puzzles that test their minds, and some love toys with batteries that move and make noises.  Most cats like to play with someone else, either another cat, a dog, or their person.

Z is a very mellow kind of guy with a distinct preference for catnip toys.  He has made it clear, however, that he likes just one brand, which is Dr. Pussums, so I shouldn’t bother trying to give him something new – that really cute little martini and olive catnip toy just didn’t cut it.

My advice is stick to what your cat has shown you he likes and buy lots of it for a special birthday gift.  Z’s favorite late morning routine is to sit in a pile of catnip toys and just chill before he spends the rest of his day sleeping with his sister.

Finding the Perfect Treat for Your Cat

You never want to forget to include some special cat treats for your feline’s special day, but if your cats are anything like my cats, they have favorite treats they have been eating for years, and new treats simply get that cat look of disdain and disapproval.  I am sure my cats are thinking that by now, I should know what kind of treats they like.

I do know what they like but getting them the same old treat for their birthday just doesn’t seem special enough.  So my dog and I will get out the mixing bowls and cookie sheets and make our delicious Meowvelous Salmon Cat Treats for the party.  Adorable mini fish cookie cutters are perfect for this recipe.

Meowvelous Salmon Cat Treats 

  • 1 egg
  • 10 ounce canned salmon (not drained)
  • 2 cups flour
  • Pour the salmon (not drained) into a food processor or blender. Mix until smooth.
  • Gently beat the egg.
  • Pour all ingredients into a mixer. Mix until it is a smooth dough.
  • Roll out the dough to about ¼ inch thickness.
  • Using a mini fish cookie cutter, cut out the treat shapes.
  • Bake the treats for 15 to 20 minutes at 350°.

I have a special birthday cake that always is part of our celebrations, and this year we made a special version of our Angel Cakes, which are mini angel food cakes frosted with whipped cream.  If your party includes Cat Parents, they will love this easy, delicious birthday cake. Top with fresh strawberries or raspberries for added flair.  A little taste for your cat is fine, but only if you know your cat can tolerate a small bit of dairy.

The Perfect Party Drink:  Pink Sparkling Wine 

Sparkling wine is often thought of as a splurge, but you can find sparkling wine options that are surprisingly affordable.  Rosé wines are purrfect for spring parties as they are fresh and flavorful and offer versatile options for food pairings.

Sparkling rosé will definitely add style and glamour to your party – pink wine filled with magical bubbles! Whether you are celebrating your cats with a family “pack” party or a party with invited guests, this choice for your party drink will definitely be a big hit and provide an elegant, stylish background for cute photos of your party stars with ribbon and sparkly wine that are Instagram-ready!

Cats Like Parties & Presents Too! 

The birthday party has been a big success with presents and toys and treats – and wine!

Most importantly, there were lots of crinkly gift bags and curly ribbon.  Hours of fun yet to come for Ali and Z – but also for me watching them.

Making priceless memories with my cats – one purrfect birthday present at a time.