Combination – Posh Celebrations (Book) and Posh Party Kit


Posh Party Kit

The Posh Party Kit includes a set of Party Animal Cookie Cutters, recipes for cookies and pet treats, and “Posh Party Magic” sparkles.

Posh Celebrations Book

Posh Celebrations gives advice on how to plan sophisticated, whimsical themed parties for your friends to celebrate your pet. Co-authored by Posh, a charming West Highland Terrier, this party book reveals his secrets for giving fabulous parties and includes complete plans for seven themed parties.

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The Posh Party Kit contains:

  • 7 cookie cutters (dog, cat, bone, star, heart, mini-bone, and mini-fish)
  • 3 “people” cookie recipes
  • 2 “pet” treat recipes; and “Posh Party Magic” sparkles.

Posh Celebrations (Book)

Original illustrations add sparkle to this party guide, which covers the party planning process from setting the scene to designing the gift bag to creating a classic cocktail to planning the menu with party recipes and cocktails. Posh includes his thoughts on fun and friendship in each chapter with “Posh Talk” and a “Posh Proverb.”

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