Posh Talk

“I’ve been giving fun and memorable parties for years
at a variety of locations and for a variety of events –
and with the encouragement of family and friends, I
decided to share my expertise and secrets to giving
successful parties. I specialize in parties that are
sophisticated – but whimsical.

“Great parties have magical elements, and I am very,
very good at developing the vision for parties that
create unforgettable moments. I love to socialize and
share with all of my family and friends – and parties
give me a reason to create amazing gift bags, serve
distinctive Classic Cocktails, and prepare delicious

“But most of all, I love being the STAR of the party, so I
thought it might be an excellent idea to write a book
that tells lots of other dogs and cats – and their
humans – how to recreate the fantastic parties I have
become so well known for in my circle of friends.
I hope you will use my ideas, smile at my thoughts,
delight in the illustrations – and create your own
fabulous, magical parties to celebrate your special
furry family and friends.”

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