Party cupcakes and glam gift bags – my 4th birthday party continues!

The best thing about my 4th birthday party was the Raspberry Angel cupcakes – they were sparkly (like me) and the whipped cream frosting was delicious.  Check out the picture with candles all aglow taken by my friend, Tom Norton, and if you want to make them for your pet’s birthday, then visit our Shop page where you will be able to buy our Make a Wish – Happy Birthday cocktail kit in June.  The cupcake recipe is included in the cocktail kit.  I sent my party guests home with the best gift bag ever designed perfectly to match my party theme of Funny Girl (because I am a diva just like Barbra) and Dr. Zhivago (because my brother, Z, is handsome and mysterious).  I’ve posted here a picture of the gift bag and another showing the contents.  My lucky guests can now watch the movies, Funny Girl and Dr. Zhivago, at home and listen to the soundtracks from both movies, while drinking the Signature Cocktail from the party, a White Russian, and eating chocolates and popcorn.