Looking Forward to a Year Full of Dogs and Cats and Champagne

My Westie and I are planning to start a new tradition — a party to celebrate our resolutions for next year. I asked him for his proposed list: More Walks, More Treats, More Hugs, and More Naps. A very good list!

I would add: More Parties with My Dog and More Champagne Cocktails with My Friends!

A Pet Party Full of Champagne & Treats! 

Let’s set up a Pet Treat Bar for the Pups & a Champagne Cocktail Bar for the Pup Parents! Simple and fun with a focus on the most important elements of this party.

Our Puppy Swag Bag has the perfect items for enjoying this party and planning the next one.

First, a party is no fun if the guests haven’t dressed up for the event, so include a “Party Animal” dog bandana.

Find a cute dog or cat calendar so your guests can start the party planning by marking their pup’s Barkday with a huge star. Let the Happy Barkday party planning begin!

Here is an adorable calendar!

Parties are always better with dogs, and we have written the perfect party guidebook to give you lots of fun ideas about how to get started planning your first pet party of 2022. Posh Celebrations is our award-winning party book that includes 7 themed pet parties including a Puppy Bowl Party, a Valentine’s Day Party, a Vineyard Party, and, of course, a Happy Barkday Party, available on Amazon. 

The Party Game 

Let’s make your party guests work for their Gourmet Dog Treats and Champagne Cocktails by asking everyone to come up with one really good resolution for 2022.  Have each Pup Parent write the resolution on a small slip of paper and put them in a glass bowl.  Then you can read each resolution out loud and let your friends guess which dog matches the resolution!

The best thing about this game is that you might come up with some great resolutions you hadn’t thought about to add to the list you and your dog have already written.

The Gourmet Pup Treat Bar 

A fun idea is to set up a table with several Pup Treat options for the pups to sample. For ideas, you can check out our recent blog on Planning a Pet Cookie Swap for the Holidays, but let’s take the easy way out this time and use treats you can buy at your local pet store.  I am never sure which new treats my Westie will like, so this is a good way for your pup guests to try several different treats and find out which are their faves!

Set out bowls with the pet treats and put the bag/box for the treat next to it.  Give your Pup Parents a dog themed notepad to take notes on which treats their dog likes, and they can bag a small portion of those treats. Put a sticker on the bags with the name of the treat. A perfect addition to the Puppy Swag Bag.  Here are some pet treat ideas.


The Champagne Cocktail Bar

Set up a table for the Champagne Cocktail Bar that includes champagne flutes, a variety of sparkling wines including Champagne and Prosecco, and several mixers that work well with sparkling wine.  The mixers can include Chambord, Grand Marnier, Cognac, Elderflower liqueur (St. Germain), Aperol, blood orange juice, pear liqueur, and peach juice (Bellini). Include handwritten recipe cards for your Champagne cocktail ideas that your guests can take home.

A fun addition to your Puppy Swag Bag for the Pup Parents is a mini bottle of champagne with a miniature of Chambord or one of the other mixers, so they can mix a champagne cocktail after the party at home while they gossip with their pup about the party guests.

A Perfectly Posh 2022 — Adventures and Good Times with Your Pets

We will look back on 2021 and remember all the good times we had together – our “Pack of Four” parties as well as the parties with our friends and their pups.  Memories we will treasure.

Then we will look forward to 2022 and plan a year of new adventures and celebrations.  The fun never ends when you are spending time with the ones you love.

Making memories with your pets – every day of the new year.