This Year’s Events

With the release of our first book, Posh Celebrations, and our first Posh Party Kit — Party Animal Cookie Cutters, we are scheduling promotional events at pet boutiques, party and gift stores, and pet and party related events. If you would like to host an event related to our party products, please contact Susan Rogers.

 Prior Events

  • DEC 2017: Mingle and Jingle, Animal Welfare Society, Kennebunk, ME
  • DEC 2017: Lucky Pup Rescue Adopt-a-Tree Festival, Kennebunk, ME
  • DEC 2016: Pooch Parade After-Pawty, Scalawags
  • DEC 2016: Posh Prelude Pet Party and Book Signing, Scalawags
  • NOV 2016: Book signing, Lake Ridge Nursery in Woodbridge
  • NOV 2016: Book signing, Three Fox Vineyards
  • NOV 2016: Book signing, Wylie Wagg in Middleburg, VA
  • OCT 2016: Book signing, Three Fox Vineyards, Delaplane VA
  • SEP 2016: Book signing, Scalawags, Kennebunkport ME



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