Dogs Are Always Ready to Have Fun — So Let’s Plan a Dog Party!

Properly Posh Pets is a proud curator of some of the best and most fun pet party products on the internet.  Links below include affiliate links to help us continue sharing the best with you.

National Dog Party Day is June 21st! We believe that parties are not only fun, but they are also one of the most important parts of life. Here at Properly Posh Pets, we help pet people connect, have fun, and be happy while spending time with their best friends – the ones with 4 paws and fur!

Why do we love parties?  We believe that when the world seems stressful or dull, the perfect antidote is a proper party – and the BEST kind of party is one with dogs!  After all, what’s better than combining a little wrapping paper, ribbon, cocktails, and puppies?


What do you need to plan a fabulous Dog Party? 

We love sharing our ideas in our Party Blog, so here is some inspiration to help you plan a fabulous party for your Dog on Dog Party Day.  If your pup has a special day in June – a birthday or Gotcha Day – then you have the perfect reason to celebrate the big day with a party this month.

If you love dog parties as much as I do, we have the perfect party guidebook for you.  The team at Properly Posh Pets has collected the best of our dog (and cat) party ideas in Posh Celebrations – a whimsical collection of seven themed parties designed to help you celebrate with your friends and family and your pups!  Cocktails and recipes and decorations and gifts and entertainment – our award-winning book has it all.


Pup Treats 

My Westie loves food and walks and me.  I think he loves me best, but I do not plan to put that theory to the test, so I always make Pup Treats the first order of business for our parties.

I always plan to include at least one made-from-scratch Pup Treat at our parties, but we also like to help busy pet parents who love to give parties and love their pets, but do not want to work like a dog in order to throw a fabulous party!

Here is a link to our delectable PupCake Recipe that has been taste-tested many times by my pup, and we are sure it will be a hit at your party.

But we have also included a curated group of PupTreat products that are sure to please your pups and save you time, so you can spend more time taking walks with your dog.  And yes, one of the items is Dog Macarons, for the dog who loves French food!

Click on the picture of the product or the description to purchase.

Dog Cake Mix and Frosting (Peanut Butter) with Bone Cake Pan and CandlesDog Cake Mix (Carob) and Frosting

Dog Birthday Cake Bone-Shaped Pan with Decorating Pen

Ice Cream Mix for Dogs (Vanilla)

Birthday Cake Dog Biscuits

Dog Macarons – Gourmet Dog Snack

Birthday Boy Dog Cookie Box 

Birthday Girl Dog Cookie Box

Gotcha Day Dog Cookie Box


The Blue Champagne Cocktail 

A signature element of every Properly Posh Pets party is the Classic Cocktail, because we think every hour should be happy hour!

I love Champagne, and I love the color blue, so we created the Blue Champagne Cocktail for one of our parties.  This drink uses Curaçao, which is a liqueur flavored with the dried peel of the bitter orange laraha, a citrus fruit, grown on the Dutch island of Curaçao, and it is a gorgeous blue color that you will love.

Blue Champagne Cocktail

  • 1 ounce Blue Curaçao
  • Champagne
  • Lemon twist for garnish
  • Fill a champagne flute with Champagne about three quarters full.
  • Add the Blue Curaçao.
  • Garnish with a lemon twist.


Party Decorations for your Pup

Here is a specially curated group of party accessories for your dog that will be perfect for whatever party theme you pick.  Let’s start with sunglasses, because there is no doubt that if your dog is the STAR of the party, he must look amazing.

Click on the picture of the product to purchase.

It is always fun to outfit your dog with a new collar for a party, and we have found some really cute choices you will not be able to resist.  Don’t you love the collars with cupcakes and French macarons?

Click on the picture of the product to purchase.

Decorations for your Party Space 

We love decorating with Party Banners that fit our Party Theme, and you will find lots of cute Barkday party options in our Etsy shop.

But Party Balloon Banners are so much fun, that we just cannot resist adding them to our list of party essentials.  Click on the picture of the product to purchase.

Another tip for picking party decorations is to find cute toys that your dog will like and use them as decorations to fit your party theme, such as a birthday party.  If you get several toys, you can treat your pup and his PupGuests with special party favors that they will love. Click on the picture of the product to purchase.


Dogs are always ready to party, no matter what!

It is important to make time for laughter and friendship and love – and parties.

It is important to find time for being silly and dressing up and decorating just for fun.

Your dog knows all of this.