Ali, the Posh Princess

Ali’s Cheeky Chatter

“Posh, the Canine Mixologist,
concocted the Poshiano
for Nick’s party but named it
after himself!”

“My favorite sparkling wine is
prosecco – so I always use that
for my Champagne cocktails as
an economical substitute for

“Posh has a signature birthday
cake for his parties: yellow butter
cake with caramel frosting. I put
the secret recipe in Chapter 9 of
our book, Posh Celebrations!”

“The Woofie Pie is called the official
Maine treat for dogs. It is two whole
wheat carob biscuits with a filling
of yogurt.”

“Posh found a purple wooden sign
that reads “It’s All About Me” – so
perfect for a party where I’m the star!”

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