Ali’s Cheeky Chatter — a “posh” new blog

My name is Alessandra Rogers, and I am the Posh Princess of the company my brother, Posh, founded called Properly Posh Pets. Today is the first day of my fabulous new blog called Ali’s Cheeky Chatter, where I will keep you up to date on the latest ideas for giving awesome, magical parties for your pets and your friends. My other brother, Zhivago, and I have spent all summer working on our first Posh Party Kit so follow my Cheeky Chatter for news of the release very soon! I love to eat so I promise to share lots of amazing recipes. And my brothers have nicknamed me “Glitter Kitten” so watch for news of glam party accessories. Howlaween is a spooktacular holiday – check in tomorrow for ideas on how to “eat, drink and be scary” with your kitten and pup this year.