6 Reasons to Give Your Dog a Party

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Why Pet Parties?  Why Not?

Someone once asked me why would I plan a party for my dog, saying that pets don’t understand that a party is being given for them.  Tell that to my dog who LOVES being the center of attention at every party where he is the star – and even the parties where he is just a Pup Guest.

Fortunately, there are lots of Pet Parents who love parties and love their dogs.  Properly Posh Pets is here to help busy pet parents treat themselves and their dogs to the fun they deserve.  The Posh brand is the ultimate platform for luxurious planned-for-you party themes, so check out our Party Blog for lots of free recipes and party tips.



National Mutt Day is July 31st – Let’s Celebrate All Dogs! 

I am guessing you don’t care if your dog is a “mutt” or a specific breed, and your dog doesn’t care either.  Every pup is special and unique and should be celebrated – on birthdays, Gotcha Days, and just plain ordinary days. 

If you mix a killer cocktail, bake a batch of Pup Treats,  and put on some music, your dog will love joining in on the party no matter the reason.  Let’s plan a party to celebrate National Mutt Day and all of the dogs we love and live with on a daily basis.



6 Reasons to Give Your Dog a Party

The best thing about dogs is that you can act like something really great just happened, and they’ll instantly start celebrating with you.  A lesson for life – plan a party for the big life moments, but also for the everyday moments that stop you in your tracks and make you realize how precious your pup is to you.


Here are 6 reasons why you should include Pet Parties in your plans for 2021.


1.  Get together with your friends and their dogs

What’s a party without dogs and friends to celebrate with?  Parties are an invitation to connect with friends, have fun, and celebrate your pets.  We all need those connections and plenty of fun in 2021 along with a reason to celebrate the 4-pawed buddies that helped get us through the last year.



2.  Decorate your house and your dog

Your party can be simple or elaborate with a birthday party theme or the anniversary of a Gotcha Day.  We love coming up with a party theme like a Baseball Barkday Party or a Howloween party.  If your pup likes to dress up, this is your chance to create some fabulous photos with adorable bow ties, bandanas, and party hats.  My dog draws the line at the party hat, but rocks a bow tie.



3.  Create killer cocktails to impress your friends

Classic Cocktails are a staple of all of our parties.  Our friends have come to expect us to amaze them with our special twists on a Classic Cocktail, and we never disappoint.  Make sure your recipe can be altered to create a mocktail and coordinate your food with the cocktail and the party theme.  We recently found this amazing invention – the Bartesian, which makes it easy for you to mix a variety of cocktails.  Click on the picture to purchase.

4.  Bake a batch of Pup Treats that will amaze your friends and their pups

Yes, our parties are designed to delight Pup Parents, but let’s get serious here.  If your Pup is the Star of the show, you better make sure there are tasty treats and plenty of them for him and his buddies.  There are lots of great treats for sale at your local pet store from companies who come up with clever names, but my dog loves it when I make a batch of his favorite homemade treats – or create a new treat that he must, of course, taste test prior to the party.  

5.  Create Instagram-worthy pictures for a month of posts

Without photos, no one is sure that the party happened – so get out your phone and start snapping pictures.  Photo props are a good party addition, such as party hats and letterboard signs.  I always designate one friend as the “official photographer” for my pics since I am typically busy making sure the party is fun.  I am not sure what we did before Instagram allowed us to spend hours smiling at adorable dogs and cats.



6.  Create Puppy Swag Bags that will allow you to satisfy your love of buying dog-related gifts for people and pups

Our Puppy Swag Bags are “famous” among our pack of friends and pups.  Everybody likes to get gifts and your pup will be happy sharing with all of his friends.  Themed parties create a fun challenge to match the contents for the Pups and Pup Parents to a vineyard party or a Valentine’s Day party.  We always create a mini-cocktail bag for the Pup Parents with the ingredients and recipe for the Classic Cocktail.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Click on the description or picture to purchase.

Up Country Birthday Gift Collar

Up Country Birthday Gift Leash
Birthday Ball Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy – Planet Dog

Cupcake Dog Toy with Squeakers – Zippy Paws

Gold Crown – Lulubelle’s

Dog Cocktail Napkins

Love My Dog stemless wine glass – Lolita


Love my Dog wineglass – Lolita


Parties are Important

Parties with friends and dogs are fun and important. 

Your dog deserves the best.  Your dog deserves to be celebrated for all of the love and friendship he brings to your life every single day.

Plan a Pet Party this year.