How to Pick the Perfect Birthday Present for Your Dog

This Party Blog has my advice for picking the perfect presents for your dog -- for birthdays, Gotcha Days, or just for Ordinary Days when you think your pup deserves a present. Toys and Treats, of course, but the "Experience Gift" is all the rage right now for humans so why not tap into that trend for your pup's birthday? Creating priceless memories with your pup is the best gift for your dog and for you.

How to Design a “Peeps” Easter Basket for Your Dog

What fun to relive a bit of your childhood with your pup by creating an Easter Basket designed to delight a dog with Peeps treats and toys! Invite your friends and their dogs to join you at a party to welcome spring and the anticipation of dog-walking weather. Recipe for a "Peeps" Pup Treat and variations on the classic Gin and Tonic Cocktail and lots of ideas for cute Peeps dog toys and pet accessories.